Iranian Silk Road Ultramarathon: a journey out of time and into yourself

16-06-2022 11:48

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Hai mai sentito parlare dell’Iranian Silk Road Ultramarathon in programma dall’8 al 15 ottobre? 

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Have you ever heard of Iranian Silk Road Ultramarathon from the 8th to the 15th of October? 

📌 Until June 30th 20% discount by paying 50% of the fee (€ 1,000)

📌 From the 1st of July to the 31st of July 10% discount by paying 50% of the fee (€ 1,000)

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Your journey out of time on the Iranian Silk Road will take you to another era, where time and distances will take on a totally new dimension, so that for us, men and women of the third millennium, it will be something never experienced before.

You will arrive the day before departure at the Shafiabad Caravanserai, where you will leave all your modern technologies and take on the role of the ancient warrior who had the sole purpose of surviving the desert and bringing his message to the Sultan.

You will cross the Lut desert, relying only on your own strength, discovering magical places such as the Dolphins Valley (camp 1) or the big and amazing Salt Lake (camp 2), a river with white banks of crystal clear salt that suddenly crosses the desert.

You will climb the Gandom Beryan, the hottest point on earth – with measured land surface temperature hitting 70.7 °C (i.e. 159.3 °F) (American Meteorological Society, 2011) – to reach the beautiful Caravanserai of Nadir where you will prepare to face the most difficult but also the most evocative stage of your journey.

The fourth stage features the crossing of the Kalut desert with its incredible rocks that the desert wind has shaped over the millennia.

Finally, you will reach the sultan's palace as a winner, and you will be welcomed, treated and rewarded as such.

Learn more HERE and get ready to experience a memorable journey!


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